General information for competitors

Registration is possible online (online applications until  26.03.2018) or at the event. You are advised to arrive early if you want to ensure your name on the starting list. (see programme)

In addition to the payment of the competition fee you must wear a protective helmet and have a valid health insurance is compulsory (Coris etc.). Additional protection at your own desires and needs.

Neoprene / wetsuit / drysuit , etc. is usually indispensable beneath your attractive outfit. It will protect you against cold water.

No stunts or never-tried-before tricks are to be performed at Luza.

Bring enough spare clothes and especially shoes. Being comfortable and dry you will be able to enjoy and stay with us after the competition as well. There is a crazy after party in the tunnel. Make sure you will be there.

LUZA weekend starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. Plan a longer absence from home, make sure you will have adequate amounts of food, liquids and money on you. This way you spend the most unforgettable weekend in the winter season in style.

Where is Luza?

Legendary Luza will take place at Tiha dolina Krvavec. It is at the bottom ski lift station Njivice, by the tunnel, on the Beach, at the top of the four-seat chairlift Ror … in short, at the usual place. These are the GPS coordinates:
N 46 ° 18 `04.9 “ E 14 ° 31` 36.8 “.

Who can take part at the competition?

Luza contest is open for all those who dare to take on a 25-meter swimming pool of ice cold water and compete with several other riders. GENERAL CONDITIONS to take part at the contest: age between 10 and 69 years (fulfilled at the day of the event), compulsory use of protective helmet, paid competition fee (20 EUR online or 25 EUR in cash at the event) and valid health insurance (Coris, etc). All competitors aged under 18 years must have their parents/ caretakers signature of approval on the registration form.

How can I register?

Pre- or online registration is possible until  26.03.2018 or until quota of 70 is reached. Valid registration is correctly filled form + fee paid until  26.03.2018. If you fail to pay on time, the registration is considered null and you have to register again at the event. Registration desk will be open on Friday,  30.03.2018 (13:00 – 15:00) and Saturday,  26.03.2018 (09:00 – 11:00) in front of Hotel Krvavec. You can register on any day, but the number of competitors is LIMITED! We encourage you to register online and get a place among the competitors or join us on Saturday training already.

Upon payment of competition fee you will receive competitor number and goodie bag. Attendance of training on Saturday is not required but well recommended.

The repayment of the competition fee due to nonattendance is not possible. The money will be donated for a charity cause.

Ski pass is not included in the fee but there will be special rates at the day of the event available at the RTC Krvavec cable car station.

See here registration form and declaration for a minor

Can I try it before?

All competitors are advised to attend the official training on Friday (see programme) where they can test the kickers, adjust the right speed and prepare for Saturday`s showdown. Last year`s experience proved that presence at the training paid off for competitors. If you think you don`t need to practice, we expect your stylish performance at the event.

How to be equipped, what to wear?

Most of all you will need gutts and a lot of good will. In addition to mandatory helmets we recommend that you also put on neoprene, wetsuit, maybe even drysuit. Or you may consider other forms of heating the body up. ATTENTION, judges evaluate the appearance as well! However, your creative outfit should not be in your way to perform well, particularly regarding your safety. This is a relaxed and fun competition. Your health and well being should be in the first place.

Are there different categories?

In addition to the basic division between skiers and snowboarders (M, F, JR), there are many other categories in which you can compete: Luza trick Luza ride, Luza WTF, Luza NLP, Mr. and Miss Luza, Luza team, Luza look, splash Luza … . Usually we make up an additional category during the contest (we get inspiration from you guys) so you have many chances to be among the winners.

What is a good trick, what`s attractive appearance, what is rewarded?

The most important criteria is to successfully land the trick and ride out of the pool. You have to look confident, stylish and finish it safely. DO NOT experiment with new tricks at Luza- there is freestyle park nearby for you to practice there. If you don`t manage to land the trick best way possible, while you air and style were attractive, you might still have a chance to make it to the finals or win in the category of Best look, best fall, etc… BUT: there is only one prize for the best fall and at least four prizes for best trick or ride so make sure you decide to compete in the right category. Regarding attractive appearance…well we leave it to your imagination. Dress to impress.

Competition format?

Competition is held in two parts. All competitors who meet the safety requirements of the competition will take part in the first run by numerical order. Based on your performance, artistic impression and the potential for a good trick the judges decide whether they will give you the opportunity to appear in the finals: only YES / NO.

Only the best riders in the category Luza trick and Luza ride will take part in the finals. The final runs will be evaluated professionally with points. Luza look, Mr. and Miss, and few other categories will be selected after the first run.

FANS SUPPORT: The audience can convince the judges to give you another shot and qualify for the finals. Therefore it pays off to bring a team of friends and fans who will encourage you and maybe help you get into the next round. But the last word is always with the judges.

What about prizes?

Luža contest in its essence is a social and fun oriented event.. It is important to be there, to be part of the story and have a good time. Of course we will give away many great prizes, supplied by our sponsors. We want to make as many faces happy as possible. Awards cannot be cashed-in or changed for other stuff. But if you are really desperate about that bikini that was given to another competitor, feel free to arrange a swop with her/him.

Group performance?

Even individual sports such as skiing and snowboarding are more fun with friends. In the past we already had quite a few appearances in duo and even “foursome”. The most important is that you are confident in the execution and do not endanger yourself and all others at the competition. Adjust the performance to the capabilities of the weakest link in the group and it will be funny and attractive for all. However, you need to practice your performance beforehand.

Other objects and equipment?

In addition to riding on skis or snowboards, you can go for an alternative object or tool. The main conditions are: the object is not of mechanical drive, is not wider/larger than the width of the pool (about 8m), and enables safe manoeuvring- this means you can turn with it, and most important stop safely at the end.

Wardrobe, toilet?

There is a tent for the competitors to change but no individual lockers to store your stuff. You can leave your belongings in a tent at your own risk. The past experience shows there were usually more things left than missing.

Toilets are available in a nearby Hotel Krvavec and at the Beach. Discretion is recommended to everyone else.

VIP and PRESS Accreditation

VIP accreditation is intended only to persons to whom they were sent and confirmed by, which means that their name is on the list of invitees. One accreditation card = one person. VIP area is located next to the judges and a DJ.

Media (Press) accreditation is intended only to journalists and photographers who publish in the media. Please send a request to lina@dobr.si (Subject: PRESS ACCREDITATION) with journalist(s) name(s) and media information.

There is no accreditation for photographers only. Once you have received an email confirmation your accreditation is approved. There will be no on-the-spot accreditation.All others can enjoy the natural tribune which enables perfect view over the action and superb photo opportunities.

Competition fee?

Luza is a fun contest to meet up with friends and enjoy the party at the end of the winter season. Your presence is priceless for us so Luza and all after parties are FREE. We do recommend that you take some cash with you, since ATMs are not available and it is not possible to pay with debit and credit cards. Most visitors come and stay over night, which means that you have to make sure to have an accommodation as well.


Anyone who really wants to experience the Luza weekend in its proper sense will stay with us from Friday to Sunday. DOBR team can tell from their own experience that the 3-day happening, despite the relaxed working atmosphere takes its toll and you need to take time to rest. There is a number of the sleeping options (budget to lux) in the immediate vicinity of the event but the number of beds is limited. They are usually booked out quickly so make sure to secure a place to sleep if you want to stay with us in the evening hours as well. Check the list of accommodations.

Transport: last cable car to the valley, access by car, etc.?

Every year visitors want to stay until the end of the event. Luza weekend officially ends on Sunday afternoon. All those who already have other obligatory engagements on Saturday evening, the last cable car off the mountain will leave at 20.00.

Access by car will be limited due to the new gates payment regime at the parking lot at Jezerca (above Ambroz pod Krvavcem). It is quite some vertical meters walk from there to Luza so we recommend using the cable car (gondola) and chair lifts. Besides, we do not approve night crawling, rolling down the hill and driving under the impressions of Luza.

Water temperature?

Krvavski biser (Krvavec gem), as the water in the pool is called, has a pleasant 7°C. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less- depending on the temperature of the bubbles in the pool we use to heat it up. This makes Luza the largest open air jacuzzi in Slovenian ski resorts. The use is restricted to competitors …